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 Binder Professional



IBM3 Perfect Binding Machine


Perfect Binding Machine(Glue Binding Machine)

Technical Data:


IBM3 Smart

Book binding size


Book binding thickness


Cover size


Cover type


Binding speed

theory speed: 500 books/hour

Time of glue melting

about 35 minutes

Milling cutter

solar milling cutter + small milling cutter

Pages for milling

3 pages

Clamping cover


Clamping book


Glue roller

3 back glue rollers+2 side glue rollers

Side glue


Glue control device




Clamping table adjustment


Cover position compensation


Cover press


Cover feeder

automatic friction

Book collecting


Safe shield v
Cover storage box


Metric system/English system switch v
Clamping cover with stable pressure v
Speed change v
Slip device straight track
Power AC110V±10% 50 or 60Hz;AC220V±10%50or 60Hz 2600W  
Machine dimension 2500×785×(+310extending)×1245

Net weigh


Gross Weight

about 750kgs

Shipping Dimension(mm)


Fully Smart M Series Digital Perfect Binder Features

Automatic cover feeding(only available in IBM3&IBM6)

Solving trivial operation of manual cover feeding, automatic cover feeding and center position aligning, higher efficient, easier operation.

Automatic cover spine creasing(Only available in IBM3&IBM6)

Automatic cover spine creasing during cover feeding, no need of assisting equipment and work, saving for 30% manual work.

Adjusting width of creased cover spine automatically(Only available in IBM3&IBM6)

Adjusting width of creased spine automatically according to book thickness, rapidly and precisely.

Automatic head and rear of glue control

Wiping off unnecessary glue in head and rear of book automatically, meeting special requirement of free of book cutting, protecting table by making no glue exist on table.

Automatic side glue control

Sizing side glue automatically according to book thickness, no need of any adjustment or parameter setting.

Clamping book automatically by inducing book

Clamping book automatically when machine induces book is put in, which raises binding speed greatly.

Smart temperature control

Automatic running after glue is melt, stopping running automatically during idling period, keeping temperature automatically, matching book speed automatically, these means 60% less smoke and 30% less energy and will improve air quality.

Inducing milling cutter automatically

Controlling milling cutter switch automatically and in time, lowering machine’s working noise effectively, upgrading working safety, saving energy more than 63%.

Clamping cover and outputting book automatically

Binding cover and book automatically, outputting book automatically, smart design raises binding efficiency greatly and lower manpower cost.

Extendable book collecting device

Indented during idle period, saving space, collecting some books automatically.

Measuring book thickness automatically(Only available in exporting model IBM3&IBM6)

Measuring book thickness automatically, transmiting data to pressing device automatically, adjusting width of pressed cover spine automatically, these show caiba staff’s smart design ability and idea.

Measuring book length automatically(only available in exporting model IBM3&IBM6)

Measuring book length automatically, transmitting data to glue control device and cover positioning device, controlling head and rear of glue automatically and precisely, these show caiba staff’s sprit of pursuiting perfect

Conversing frequency speed control

Adopting digital conversing frequency speed control technology, avoiding shock, positioning precisely, raising 30% working efficiency, choosing related speed based on different binding technology and requirement.

Smoke exhausting device

Improving working environment’s air, protecting operator’s healthy

High volume glue box with three glue rollers

Three rollers design makes sizing glue more even and binding book more perfect. High volume glue box contains 4 times glue than ordinary binding machine, one time  glue filling can satisfy more  continuous binding  operations.

Dependent dust exhausting device(high power dust exhausting device is optional)

Reasonable dust exhausting design makes machine cleaner and glue more clearly. Optional high power dust exhausting device can satisfy industrial users’ need.

Big LCD display screen, complex  and directing menu

Adopting super big LCD display screen, complex menu for operation, dependent design for main buttons, directing and convenient.

Double start buttons

Double start button operation makes safe operation.

Super big transparent safe shield

Safe, easy to observation, satisfying CE requirement.

Additional useful design(Only available in IBM3&IBM6)

Cover storage box, glue changing device, warning lable,etc, saving space, convenient and practical

Dozens of hints

Dozens of hints, avoiding false operation, practicing more easier.

Metric system/English system switch

Metric system/English system switch, satisfy different users’ need, showing caiba staff’s concern on users’ needs.

Dozens of self checking functions

Self checking  and warning functions makes operator more familiar with machine.

Dozens of compensation setting functions(Only available in IBM3&IBM6)

Dozens of compensation setting for cover position( only available in IBM3), head of glue, rear of glue, book thickness(only available in IBM3),easy and practical.

Dozens of parameter setting

Dozens of parameter setting for speed, pressure, time of waiting for book and cover, these can be set according to habit.

Clamping cover with stable pressure technology

Keeping clamping voltage output stablely according to setting data, making perfect clamping cover effect.